Credit Repair Services | 5 Star Processing

If you are a new credit repair business owner or looking to venture into the credit repair business, then keep reading.  Credit Repair is a robust industry with many avenues to generate cash flow. Whether you are looking to solely focus on credit repair or add it to an existing business, you will want to … Read more

Setting Up Your Business for Success

Setting Up Your Business

Starting a business is an exciting adventure. There are many components to think about such as name, branding, vision and mission statement, and your overall strategy to gain your ideal clients.  It’s important to have these components in place, however, knowing how to get started can be a bit overwhelming. Here are simple ways to … Read more

Reasons for Failed Transactions

Failed Transactions

It happens to all of us. A customer goes to pay for a transaction and then the POS system or online checkout shows the transaction declined.  As frustrating or embarrassing it can be to the customer it’s important to understand the different reasons why a transaction fails. Funds Not Available The most common reason why … Read more

Operating Your Online Business in Post-Pandemic World

How to Operate Your Online Business in Post-Pandemic World

Let’s be honest, no one was ready for the unprecedented effect the pandemic would have on businesses around the globe. We went from a thriving economy to businesses shutting down left and right. Unfortunately, many small businesses were the ones impacted the most when COVID hit. However, during numerous brick-and-mortar locations shutting down across the … Read more

Data Breaches: How to Protect Your Business from Them

Data Breaches

Data breaches seem to be on the rise more as we continue to progress in a digital age, but how can you safeguard your business should one ever happen to you. Below we will provide a few ways you can secure your business should it ever be impacted. However, we will explain in more detail … Read more

Merchant Cash Advance: Are They Right for Your Business?

merchant cash advance

As a business owner, you may find yourself at a point where you need more cash flow but may find it hard to go through a traditional bank or other funding institution. While there are many funding options available, one that may be available quickly to a business owner is a merchant cash advance. What … Read more

How to Protect your Business from Natural Disasters

Protect your Business from Natural Disasters

Something that is rarely ever mentioned but should be discussed among the business world is how to protect your business from a natural disasters.  We never know when a natural disasters will strike so it is imperative to always have a backup plan.  One of the most important things as a business owner is to … Read more

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