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Explore the NMI Payment Gateway Features

Easily Explore the NMI Payment Gateway Features. NMI (previously known as Network Merchant account, Inc.) is one of the top payment gateway services in the world. It is processed over 1,2 billion transactions through its service.

They are a trusted partner for many banks and merchant account providers. These have been at the forefront of innovation in digital payment solutions. 5 Star Processing is proud to be working with NMI. Accordingly, it is offering you a chance to get the NMI Payment Gateway for your business. Let us look at some of the greatest features that come with it.

Accept All The Major Credit Cards…

The NMI Payment Gateway lets you accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB.

And Multiple Currencies

If your business has customers outside the US, you can receive payments in other currencies.

Virtual Terminal

If your business needs to process many CNP (Card Not Present) transactions, then the NMI virtual terminal can help. In addition to accepting online payments, use the Virtual Terminals to process cards. over the phone or through mail order. If you want to Explore the NMI Gateway Features, then it can be done conveniently.

Recurring Billing

If you provide a subscription service of any kind, be it for a service or a recurring shipment of physical goods. Thereafter, with the NMI y, you can set this up for as many customers as you need.

QuickClick Shopping Cart

If your business needs an e-commerce component, you can NMI’s proprietary QuickClick Shopping Cart solution. Hence, it can instantly be integrated into your website, making it possible to start processing online payments right away.

Multiple MIDs

If you run a business where it’s necessary to switch between network merchant account (e.g. a hair salon with stylists working as independent contractors). Therefore, you can use one physical payment terminal with multiple Merchant IDs.

Payer Authentication

Validate that the person entering card details for processing is also the cardholder to protect your customers from unauthorized transactions.

Fraud Prevention

In addition to Payer Authentication, NMI Payment Gateway also features iSpyFraud, their proprietary fraud prevention tool. It screens out suspicious transactions.

Applications for In-Store Payment Processing

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you can benefit from NMI Payment Gateway’s secure SWIPE POS app. This is to process card-present payments.

Mobile Payments On The Go

With the NMI Payment Gateway, you can accept card payments on the go using their process mobile payment application that works both with Apple and Android.

Accept Electronic Checks

Accept and process payments done with electronic checks.

Send Out Electronic Invoices

Create electronic invoices for your customers that make it easy and convenient for them to pay. Instead of issuing a wire transfer, they can pay with just a few clicks.

Third-Party Integrations

NMI offers over 340 third-party integrations, including a QuickBooks Plug-In that can create accounting entries. Therefore, it will be in your QuickBooks account for every transaction that goes through the NMI Payment Gateway.

Contact 5 Star Processing to start using these powerful NMI Payment Gateway features today

Our staff is ready to assist you and can answer your NMI Payment Gateway questions as well as get you set up with both the payment gateway. A merchant account, so that you can use these powerful features to grow your business.

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Q 1: What Is the NMI Payment Gateway?

Network Merchant account Inc or NMI is the payment gateway service. This provides processing for high-risk merchant accounts. It has the highest level of customization and integration in the industry of the payment gateway. It allows merchants flexible payment processing anywhere.

Q 2: Is the NMI payment gateway safe?

NMI takes security seriously. NMI provides a wide variety of security measures and fraud tools. This includes payer authentication with verified by Visa and Master card security code, the Merchant Defender System, Certify PCI, or iSPY Fraud.

Q 3: What does NMI do?

NMI provides leading payment gateway safety. This keeps your merchants and their customers secure while reducing your risk and overhead.

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