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Top Rated Merchant Services

Payment Processing

Our merchant services include payment processing services to businesses of all kinds. Whether you’re a credit repair business, restaurant, or high-risk industry business, we help facilitate the easy transfer of your funds so you can get paid conveniently and securely. We make it our business to guarantee that you are able to take payments from customers using any card brand, such as:

5 Star Processing offers a variety of merchant services to suit your business needs when you need them the most. From payment processing and POS systems to access to trustworthy payment gateways.

Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are established entities that securely capture and send payment data to your payment processing provider. At 5 Star Processing, our merchant services give you access to several payment gateways to meet your specific business requirements, including CardPointe, NMI, and



CardPointe is a cloud-based platform that is both comprehensive and safe. For businesses, it simplifies the process of receiving payments as well as managing those payments. With CardPointe, you may authorize, capture, void, and refund transactions, regardless of whether you use a desktop computer or a mobile device.


Network Merchants Inc., often known as NMI, is a company that offers a payment gateway to high-risk businesses that want assistance with collecting payments through credit cards. NMI offers a method that is both adaptive and scalable for the management of payment data. It also functions as a virtual terminal, enabling companies to receive payments from customers through the Internet.

The peace of mind that comes from using to process credit card payments is something that our merchant services strive to offer. is a payment gateway service provider that enables businesses to accept payments made through credit cards and electronic checks through their websites. Protecting credit card information from fraud is a top priority, and this system guarantees safety not only for your business but also ours.

POS Terminals & Devices

A point-of-sale (POS) system handles your business transactions, including taking payments and issuing receipts. The place where you and your customer meet to complete a transaction is also known as a point of sale. This is the stage when you determine the final cost of your product or service, record the transaction, and present several methods of payment to the buyer, which may include in-person, over-the-phone, online, or mobile payment options. With 5 Star Processing’s merchant services, you can find the best POS terminal or device of your choosing.


In Person

5 Star Processing offers various in-person POS terminal brands, including Clover, Dejavoo, Ingenico, and PAX. When your customer pays with a credit card or debit card, the traditional in-person POS terminal checks the card's magnetic strip or contactless chip to determine whether there are sufficient funds to cover the transaction before processing the payment. Once the sale is finalized, a receipt is generated for your customer or delivered to them through a print-out, email, or text.

over the phone

Over The Phone

To handle card-not-present transactions, you'll need access to a virtual terminal or a POS system with virtual terminal capabilities. Any businesses that take credit card payments, regardless of payment method, have an obligation to ensure they are in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). 5 Star Processing helps you process over-the-phone payments securely on a gateway platform that you can complete with just a few clicks.



Are you constantly on the go or have to travel a lot for work? You might benefit from getting a mobile POS system for your business. A mobile POS system replaces a traditional physical POS terminal with the use of your smartphone, tablet, or other wireless device. With 5 Star Processing, you will get access to a mobile POS app that will enable you to do business without being in proximity to your physical POS device or your online store on your desktop.

5 Star Processing works with businesses of all kinds to provide efficient, high-quality, and secure merchant services.

Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Whether you provide specialized services as an individual or own a brick-and-mortar location, 5 Star Processing makes it easy for you to get access to the merchant services you need without all the red tape.

Hospitality Businesses

Conveniently choose from any of our physical POS systems or even our mobile POS options, whether you’re a hotel or restaurant owner or a food truck that is constantly on the move.

E-Commerce Businesses

Our online and mobile payment solutions make it more convenient than ever for e-commerce business owners to accept fast and secure payments from customers, regardless of their location.

High-Risk Businesses

Many businesses operating in industries that banks and lenders consider high risk. These include health and beauty, credit companies, dating services, MLM businesses, and event booking agencies.

If You Are in a High-Risk Industry

5 Star Processing can work with you to ensure you can accept payments securely while receiving as much support as possible as a traditional business. Contact us today to learn more about our merchant services and how they can help you.