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Payment Gateway for Travel Agency


How to Choose a Payment Gateway for Your Travel Agency

There is a saying among travel agents that traveling leaves you speechless until it turns you into a storyteller. The same can be said for choosing the wrong payment gateway for business website – only the stories you’ll tell won’t be pretty.

Travel Industry is Considered High Risk

As romantic and picturesque the travel industry can seem to outsiders, as full of risk it seems to bankers and other people who deal in payment solutions. As a consequence, travel agencies score very high on these bankers’ list of high-risk businesses.

Partly so because of the general risk associated with travel (after 9/11 it was terrorism, today we have the pandemic aftermath); but also because with travel, people almost always buy and immediately pay for something that they won’t be “getting” or experiencing until much later. When there is such a prolonged time delay between the moment of purchase and the moment of service delivery, inevitably some consumers will regret their purchase.
And since they probably can’t get their money back through a refund unless they have travel insurance AND a legitimate cause to use it, they take the sneaky approach and claim the transaction fraudulent to get a chargeback.

Payment Gateway for Your Travel Agency

Why High risk Seems Difficult To Get Payment Gateway For Your Travel Agency?

Because of these risk factors, a regular bank is very unlikely to provide a payment gateway for a travel agency. The same applies to mainstream multi currency payment gateway services like Stripe, Pioneer, and PayPal.

Even if you get a PayPal account, it is likely to be shut down with no warning if a chargeback or some other “anomaly” happens. That is bad enough in of itself – but they are also likely to freeze the money you have in the account. You then have to spend days or weeks fighting to get it back, leave your business with no revenue, and strapped for cash during all this time.

High-Risk Payment Gateway For Travel Agency To Rescue

If the above gives you a bleak outlook on operating a travel agency, don’t despair. Have no fear 5 Star Processing is here! We work closely with travel agencies and other high-risk businesses to provide the best and most flexible payment gateway possible.

By getting your payment gateway for a travel agency from us, you are protected against the natural fluctuations of your industry. You can sleep soundly, knowing that when you wake up, your travel agency will still be processing payments and all your money will still be there. While this flexibility and peace of mind are important, what is even more important for smaller travel agencies is that we have record-low credit card processing fees. We don’t feed on your margins – we support your business so that you can keep growing your travel agency.

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Apply For Your Travel Agency Payment Gateway Today

Our expert staff is here to help you, regardless of whether you have some questions about payment gateways, or you want to get started on applying for one. Call us today at (888) 253 9692 or send an email to [email protected], and we’ll help you get the best payment gateway solution for your travel agency.



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